Instructional Design

I focus my design work on building accessible, collaborative, virtual spaces. See below for samples of my instructional design work.

A Digital Curriculum

I developed this “Academic Writing About Literature” course on the theme When Literature is Digital and developed a curriculum that focused on building digital literacy.

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Community Engaged Learning

For this course, I created a curriculum that both investigated and practiced concepts of community, both face-to-face and digital.

Online Support for Teaching

I collaborated with others in the Writing Program and at UAF’s eLearning to create WriteAlaska, an online resource for teachers of writing.

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Digital Storytelling for Science Education

I collaborated with a UAF scientist on a Collaborative Arts Council grant to create an interactive website that explores both science and storytelling as processes of discovery.

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A Hybrid Model

Formerly an f2f course, we transitioned “Teaching College Composition” to a hybrid model in summer 2014.

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Community Learning & Feedback

I worked with a team of teachers to design a day-long community writing event for which I created a reflection activity that incorporated social media.


  • Reflection activity asked participants to identify themselves at the event
  • #cowmunity gathered reflections after the event online

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

I led a website redesign for the Tobin Project, a public policy research institute.
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  •  Led teams of employees in creative development process, from identifying goals to creating content
  • Interviewed and wrote bios for 30 top scholars across the social sciences


Translating Analog to Digital

UAF’s Writing Center had been using the same data-gathering system for decades. We developed a new system that used technology to gather better data more efficiently.
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  • Analog form became a digital one
  • Memo that outlined and proposed changes
  • Secured funding for purchase of 5 iPads to support transition to digital forms


Writer/Teacher Website

I collaborated with teacher and writer Daryl Farmer to create a new professional website for his work.
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